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Tag: multidimensional-array

Pass multi-dimension array into Google.visualization.arrayToDataTable

I want to draw a candlestick chart by using Google Chart , i have a multi-array array call chartdata and i failed to pass the multi-array array into google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([chartdata],true) and give errorLast domain does not have enough data columns (missing 3) it should look like this var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([ [‘2022-05-25 12:00’,12,864,889,76], [‘2022-05-25 13:00’,765,45,97,82] ],true); html js Answer In your

How to combine 2 arrays in a way that 1st element of array1 and 1st element of array2 and so on form a new array

I have 2 arrays. The first contains the years like [2021,2020,2019,2018,2017] and the second contains number of occurrence like [2,3,1,3,3] I want the new array to look like this [[2021,2],[2020,3],[2019,1],[2018,3],[2017,3]] How to do this? Please help! Thank you in advance. UPDATE: I tried doing this and it works fine but the new array looks like this How to make it

Get a value from a multidimensional array

I have a multidimensional array as follows: In my form the user would input a weight. What I am trying to do is if the weight is equal to or below the number in the weight part of the array that the corresponding rate is assigned to a variable. Am stuck on how to do this. Any push in the

Recursively filter an array of infinitely nested objects by mutliple matching conditions but only return parent that has an instance of both matches

I have the following array of objects; however this could be any unknown key/value and be infinitely nested, for now this is a testing sample: My current implementation is as follows: Basically I am adding to the “selected” array then using that to filter the data array by. I do want to ensure the key matches the “column” also however

JavaScript sort multiple array

Suppose I have this data Name Mark John 76 Jack 55 Dani 90 and for the grade Marks Grade 100-80 A 79 – 60 B 59 – 40 C suppose i declare the script as The program should assign the grade with the corresponding mark, how do I sort the grade since we know we cant change the index for

Generate and sort cartesian coordinates around (0,0) in all quadrants using Javascript’s nested array loops

I have an variable obj that has the element count that needs a cartesian coordinate. So I want to generate the following matrix. obj = 9, Square root of obj = 3, 3×3 matrix (-1,1) (0,1) (1,1) (-1,0) (0,0) (1,0) (-1,-1) (0,-1) (1,-1) obj = 25, Square root of obj = 5, 5×5 matrix (-2,2) (-1,2) (0,2) (1,2) (2,2) (-2,1)