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Tag: nodes

create custom nested output from json using javascript

I am trying to save data in json object by using map function but the problem is I can save data by using needed_key:value.arrayData.key needed_value:value.arrayData.value if all the needed_key and needed_value are same I can use above code but here problem is key name is same but the needed_value get change by random and value I only want to save

How to style the text out side of a div?

I have an auto-generated title that comes from the system. Here’s what the HTML look like: I was able to select the text and remove it (see my JS) But now I want to style it via jQuery or JS. Does anyone know how to style it? Or how to append it to the div#container so I can style it.

How to swap DOM child nodes in JavaScript?

What is the easiest way to swap the order of child nodes? For example I want childNode[3] to be childNode[4] and vice-versa. Answer There is no need for cloning. You can just move one node before the other. The .insertBefore() method will take it from its current location and insert it somewhere else (thus moving it): You get the parent