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Tag: node.js

Javascript serial queue using async?

I have the following code: When I run the code above I get this: To do that I referenced this link: Could someone help me understand why the “serial” nature of the queue is not respected here? I set concurrency to 1 when I created serialQueue but, it looks like the queue isn’t really serializing the execution of the

how to create box in HTML5?

I am trying to create two inner box . I am able to do in using HTML css . working link (expected output) When I trying to do the same thing using Canvas. I am not able create two box or container where I will put my text. is it possible to do same thing using canvas here is

How to store response body in supertest?

I am testing very basic REST api with supertest. I want to save the item id received in response body and assign it to a variable. Using this id i want to make further tests like get-item-by-id or update-item-by-id. No official documentation has covered this so a beginner friendly answer would be very helpful. test i have written Answer Use