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Tag: caching

Invalidate node cache when using Jest

I have a file with object that gets populated with process.env properties: env.js Now I try to test this file with different process.env properties: env.test.js Unfortunately, even though I try to load the file in every test separately the file gets loaded only once, making the third test fail with: P.S. It doesn’t fail when I run the test alone.

Details about window.stop()

I just came across the window.stop() The stop() method is exactly equivalent to clicking the stop button in the browser. Because of the order in which scripts are loaded, the stop() method cannot stop the document in which it is contained from loading, but it will stop the loading of large images, new windows, and […]

caching JavaScript files

Which is the best method to make the browser use cached versions of js files (from the serverside)? Answer Have a look at Yahoo! tips: There are also tips by Google: