Service Workers – selectively choose resources

I have a simple Service Worker implementation like this: My goal is to cache all resources except the two files indicated in the urlsToCache variable, these two files should ALWAYS be requested from the network.. How can i achieve this? How can I then verify that it is actually so? Answer You can check the url of the request in fetch event handler before deciding what caching strategy to use:

Details about window.stop()

I just came across the window.stop() The stop() method is exactly equivalent to clicking the stop button in the browser. Because of the order in which scripts are loaded, the stop() method cannot stop the document in which it is contained from loading, but it will stop the loading of large images, new windows, and other objects whose loading is deferred. I am wondering: What do ‘windows’ and ‘other objects whose loading is deffered’ refer to? Can somebody give me a practical example? If I append an image to the body and call window.stop() when 30% has been loaded,

Reloading a page via AJAX when window.location=self.location doesn’t work

On my homepage I got: