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Tag: jhipster

JHipster Entities Menu is Empty after succeed import-jdl

I have just installed JHipster (VueJS) thru docker image, and I imported jdl file directly form And then I ran ./mvnw -P-webpack and also yarn start on the different terminal. Both are works perfectly and app runs on the localhost:8080 thru ./mvnw and also localhost:9000 from npm start. Here is my currentr schemas (From http://localhost:9000/admin/docs) : And here is

More sort column in JHipster

I try to configure sort column using the rout.ts file of my entity. In the “data” tag I put defaultSort: [‘firstCol,desc’,’secondCol,asc’], but I gave an error. Then I put all in a single String defaultSort: ‘firstCol,desc,secondCol,asc’, but the secondCol is not considered the the query sent to microservice Then I put all in a single […]