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Box appears before option is selected?

I have a drop down list that is supposed to open a new list when a certain option is selected, for whatever reason one of the hidden boxes appears when I reload the page but goes away when I select an option that isn’t connected to that box. Am I missing something? Answer The style in the following select element

Update images in canvas input type file jCanvas

Im using jCanvas to make flyer editor with jQuery : In my javascript, first i call my function initCanvas() to add layers to the canvas and it work well when the page load. As you can see in my demo, you can change text, date and time but when you want to change images with setLayer() function, the background

how to hide/show element according to url parameter

i have 4 url parameters like so and 4 divs like html and css how do i unhide elements when a url param is searched, for example if i search for the div with id=’like should be now visible what i have tried i have tried to unhide the elements on button click, and I am successful using classList.toggle(‘hide’) but

Reactjs background image showing only on places with components

I am trying to make a full-screen background image for my website but it does not seem to work. My current code only shows the portion of the background image where components are rendered. I have tried to use background-position: fixed in the App.css file, but the background image becomes full screen but I’m not able to scroll, which is

can select multiple be draggable?

is it possible with javascript to stop the hold-select effect and make it a drag to change elements order in the list? i tried to e.preventDefault() and to bind a draggable script in options but did not work Answer I don’t think you can do that with select element : Trying to change the code you provide making a simple

Run a javascript function from HTML events

I’m working on a project that animate on page scroll. This is the element I want to animate. This is my JavaScript And this is my CSS I need to run the function animateAfterPosition from the html. I expected to run the function with onscroll event, but it doesn’t work. So how can I do this? Edit I found that

How to export Styled Components in one file?

If I have Styled Component JS files like this: LoginLogo.js FooterDiv.js … and more. How would I export them all at once in one file so I could refer to them in one file? For example App.js When I export all of the code from both LoginLogo.js and FooterDiv.js in one file, it gives me an error saying theres no

Why doesn’t \ display a newline in mathjax?

I am under the impression that you should use \ for newlines with mathjax, however I can’t get it to work. What am I doing wrong here? I expect to see 3 lines, but I get this: Other stackoverflow posts claim that \ should work, eg: Answer You should use HTML to break lines as MathJax only handles math

Flatpickr.js show first letter of the day only

I cannot find in the documentation how to make the first letter of the day show up only. By default it’s showing Mon Tue etc … I would like to be showing it like below example Answer You can use the locale config option to customize the label as per your requirement. See the official documentation here: Localization Example: