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Tag: html-select

Single-selectable listview in pure HTML/CSS?

By default a <select> element is a dropdown menu which I don’t want: I want to display the full list. This is possible with multiple: but then obviously the user can select multiple elements. How to have a full list view (like with multiple, i.e. no dropdown menu), but have only one possible selected element? Answer Use the size attribute

Sort Option children by index value for both parent Selects (Javascript Only)

I’m trying to create a Dual List Box using only vanilla Javascript, no JQuery or JS packages, for learning purposes. When a user double-clicks an Option, that Option appends to the other parent Select (boxB) and is removed from the original parent Select (boxA), and vice versa. The Option elements have data-index attributes with ascending numerical values. How do I

Asynchronous loading of select list options

I’m retrieving information on Municipality names, ZipCodes, etc. from a public service provider (DAWA) using AJAX. At first I had an issue retriving the data until I made the transfer asyncronous, thus ajaxGetMunicipalitiesFromDAWA is an asyncronous function. I have checked ajaxGetMunicipalitiesFromDAWA and it loads data correctly. The I try to update my selectlist using the data, but it seems the