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Tag: dom

Dynamically append the element through JavaScript Dom

Hers’s question which I need answer Exercises: Level 1 Question 1 I tried to append the child dynamically and get the result vertical not in the compact manner as you will see in the question output when you go to the link You can see the code of both HTML and javascript above!!! Do help with the code where I

How do I get the value of checkbox?

HTML : My java script : ( i want to click this checkbox if it is not checked ,but this does not work ) Answer Should not be using aria-checked here in this way. Should be using the checked attribute as is shown in the checkbox spec on MDN. Here I used a useful variable names (never use single letter

jQuery get the children distance from parent div

I have this HTML: Based on this class sh-sidebar-content I need to get the distance of each li element. I can get the height of sh-sidebar-content class using It shows me the height value based on the window height. For eg: 735. So, Now, I need to get the distance from this value of the li element. Answer You can

change footer size by id

I am trying to run a function that changes the margin-top size according to what is being displayed. However, it doesn’t seem to be working? also tried this Thank you Answer document.getElementById returns the element (if it exists) or null, not a boolean (true/false). You can simply do if(heading) { … } as your condition. Here’s a snippet based on

how i get querySelectorAll html elements in react?

I am using react with functional component. I also use react-bootstrap , I attached the react-bootstrap carousel , everything is fine with react-bootstrap, for some functionality, I want to get three divs in react , divs has same classes. I know if I use simple html css js then I easily do that, querySelectorAll(“.indicator-btn”) but i want this on react.