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I’ll upload a WebGL rendered Canvas with toDataURL and imgurAPI, but it will be an image that will be a black image

I would appreciate any and all wisdom you can give me. Thank you in advance. Assumptions I wrote a Javascript game using a game engine called Phaser.js. Issue. [ ] When accessing the URL in the response, an image that is only black is displayed. Response content from imgurAPI {“id”:”dwdGkep”,”title”:null,”description”:null,”datetime”:1672621440,”type”:”image/png”,”animated”:false,”width”:800,”height”:800,”size”:12914,”views”:0,”bandwidth”:0,”vote”:null,”favorite”:false,”nsfw”:null,”section”:null,”account_url”:null,”account_id”:0,”is_ad”:false,”in_most_viral”:false,”has_sound”:false,”tags”:[],”ad_type”:0,”ad_url”:””,”edited”:”0″,”in_gallery”:false,”deletehash”:”445HisfrUgBgogT”,”name”:””,”link”:””},”success”:true,”status”:200} Since “success”:true, “status”:200, the upload process itself seems to be

Best solution for Phaser 3 pathfinding? [closed]

Closed. This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. It is not currently accepting answers. We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more. You can edit the question so it can be answered with facts and citations. Closed 3 months ago. Improve this question I have a game and I want to be able to

Change modal height based on it’s content

I’m trying to create a modal scene for my phaser 3 project. here is my current code in modal.js: as you can see in my code, I’m trying to add different contents to modal based on modelName but I couldn’t find a way to change modal height based on it’s content. how can I do this? Answer A solution is,

Phaser 3 with Unity Ads

I am trying to make a playable on Unity Ads using Phaser 3 but it seems that there are multiple specifications to use it, one of the Unity Ads specifications and as in their documentation “Advertisements should be designed not to need any network requests (XHR), but for example, analytics calls to track user interaction are allowed” So I don’t

how to change character in phaser js i face issue

I set value of character but first time is work fine charter changed but when gameover then if i change the character value will be changed but character still same which i choose first time. this.charSelect is the variable where charachter name are stored. the value of this.charSelect is change but character still same here is above character loading in

Phaser 3: Show Interactable area

The game I’m creating doesn’t require any physics, however you are able to interact when hovering over/clicking on the sprite by using sprite.setInteractive({cursor: “pointer”});, sprite.on(‘pointermove’, function(activePointer) {…}); and similar. I ran into some issues with the interactive area and wanted to debug it by showing the “area” that is interactable. However I could only find ways to do that that