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Accessing MS Graph ‘Unable to retrieve user’s mysite URL.’ Using Client Credentials One Drive

‘Unable to retrieve user’s mysite URL.’ Using Client Credentials One Drive is this because I’m using 365 family? not 365 business ? { “error”: { “code”: “UnknownError”, “message”: “Unable to retrieve user’s mysite URL.”, “innerError”: { “date”: “2022-03-17T17:08:21”, “request-id”: “a6717666-1188-4e65-af8f-61e14e419d82”, “client-request-id”: “a6717666-1188-4e65-af8f-61e14e419d82” } } } Answer I have checked and confirmed with azure, that only Microsoft Business Plan is allowed

Question for Accessing MS Graph Using Client Credentials One Drive?

I can’t seem to grasp my error this is the result of the JSON return it’s not telling me anything I don’t know what’s wrong, I looked at the token and I have roles by the way I have client_credentials token Update: I tried on using this api it works on that website, But in postman it won’t

Uploading an attachment to Azure DevOps Server using Rest API from a JavaScript application

I’m looking for an example on how to generate the request body when uploading an attachment to Azure DevOps Server. Looking at the documentation here, it notes the content for the body should be “[BINARY FILE CONTENT]”. The content of the body is coming from a URL (https://someURL/images/abc.png for example). How do I get from fetch(url) -> binary content to

How to set multiple schedule in azure timer function?

I have a working sample azure timer function, but about setting it in multiple schedule, I’m not sure if doing it correctly, because I can’t test it immediately because it is scheduled hours gap. My goal is, to display context.log every 8:00AM, and 8:00PM every day. note: my code below actually don’t work because parameter hour does not accept array

OpenId Connect, Query Microsoft Graph

We have a .Net Web Application that uses Single Sign On implemented by OpenID Connect to create an ID token and log a user in. Specifically Microsoft.Owin.Security.OpenIdConnect and Microsoft.IdentityModel.Protocols.OpenIdConnect I now have a requirement to query Microsoft Graph API via JavaScript. In order for me to query Graph API I assume I need an Access token (plus I want to

Why Table Storage support is no included the new new Azure ADK for JS?

Microsft released azure-sdk-for-js a long time back but still, there is no plan to support Table Storage. The only option for Table storage from NodeJS is legacy azure-storage-node. Is Microsoft trying to retire Table Storage in long term? Answer Accoring to this update on azure storage table sdk seems not supported #5655, there is now an official azure-sdk-for-js for data-tables

Upload to Azure Blob via javascript upload ticket

I am building an upload tool for our website. One of the requirements is the ability to store large files into specific azure blobs. I am running into limitations of Azure Web Apps being able to handle this on the server side. Is there a way out there to create an upload ticket (similar to vimeo) that our server can