Using an Object’s postion for an Event in AFrame

I’m trying to make a component that checks the current position of a sphere in an AFrame scene and when it hits a specific coordinate and when it does it fires an event (In example below it resets it …

AFrame updating material.offset for each object

I made an AFrame component for creating hotspot, and I want to change material.offset.y of a hotspot when I hover it with cursor. So I first tried using AFrame animaiton attribute, but visibly, we can’…

A-Frame Asset Management System blocks JavaScript code

I’m coding an A-Frame project for our University at the moment with a PHP Backend. Whenever I try to load an a-asset-item in the a-assets section, my JavaScript code stops working. I tried changing …

Disable the drag on screen in a-frame AR.js

I am trying to disable the drag feature of A-frame so that if a object is in front of your screen the user can’t just drag on the screen and remove it from your front to other place without even moving. Here is what i have tried with the camera, but still the drag is not disabled: Can anyone help me out with how I can do it? EDIT I have already tried look-controls-enabled=”false”, but it also binds the 3d-object to the screen i.e. when we turn the phone to different direction the 3d-object also gets stuck to the screen

Reducing the size of the a-frame canvas to show other HTML elements

If this is possible, can I change the size of the aframe canvas in code? I would like to display a form so that users can modify object parameters in the aframe scene.