Convert returned JSON Object Properties to (lower first) camelCase

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I have JSON returned from an API like so: To keep this consistent with my code style (camelCase – lower case first letter) I want to transform the array to produce the following: What’s the easiest/best way to do this? Create a new Contact object and iterate over all the contacts in the returned array? or can I map the original array or transform it somehow? Answer Here’s a reliable, recursive function that will properly camelCase all of a JavaScript object’s properties: Test: Output:

Get only countries to autocomplete from Google Maps API

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I'm using Google Maps API to get autocomplete list of cities and countries (without other details), and it works exellent. var input = document.getElementById('newAddress'); var options = { ...

Dealing with touchMove events in iOS and Ember

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I’m adding iOS support to an Ember application which uses Flame.js. Most Flame.js widgets don’t have built-in support for touch events at the moment, so I’m working on adding it to the ones I need. I’ve got touchStart and touchEnd working just fine for clicking and certain state transitions. However, touchMove has been a mess so far. I need it for dragging, and to do that I need to track where the movement began and where it is. So far I haven’t been able to get all that information consistently from touchMove. Various resources suggest that I should be looking

Javascript: difference between a statement and an expression?

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I asked this question earlier, and after thinking about the topic some more, I began to wonder where the seemingly fuzzy boundary between the meanings of the terms "statement" and "expression" lies. ...

What is TypeScript and why would I use it in place of JavaScript? [closed]

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Can you please describe what the TypeScript language is? What can it do that JavaScript or available libraries cannot do, that would give me reason to consider it?

Jquery -> vanilla javascript?

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I am programmer who learning jQuery javascript but never really grasped vanilla javascript (i know I am a naughty programmer). My question is how would I go about replicating this functionality in vanilla JS? Answer This site might help ! But here’s a step by step conversion:

How to detect chrome and safari browser (webkit)

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I am trying to detect the chrome and safari browser using jquery or javascript. I thought we are not supposed to use jQuery.browser. Are there any suggestions here? Thanks a lot!

Three.js WebGL texture shows up black on plane

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So basically, I have a scene in WebGL with 2 planes. One of them has a transparent texture on it and it shows up fine. The other is supposed to have a high res, non-transparent texture loaded up on it ...

Using panTo and panBy simultaneously

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I would like to create a map with some pins on it (using leaflet). When the user clicks on one of them, the map should move until the pin is at the bottom of the map in the horizontal center. My map ...

Limit min/max integer on javascript variable

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Im trying to make a talent calculator of sorts, clicking the 'skill' will decrease this variable and right-clicking will increase the variable. The problem i have is i want the variable to be limited ...