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Tag: unicode

How to prevent ✳ symbol converting to emoji

I have a problem where my ✳ (Eight-Spoked Asterisk) symbol is converting to emoji on iOS/android devices..,a%20list%20as%20bullet%20points. Can somebody help me on what to do to prevent convertion of normal symbol ✳ to emoji asterisk! I am working with react/typescript. Example: I want 1234 ✳✳✳✳ ✳✳✳✳ 5678 – this is fine on desktop I dont want 1234 1234 ✳️✳️✳️✳️

Correct way of converting unicode to emoji

I’m using String.formCodePoint to convert Unicode to emoji, but some emojis don’t convert as expected. They display like line icons. Please check the example below, first two emojis render correctly, but the last two don’t. for example: Result: Answer Your code is not correct. Old Emoji are not coloured by default, so you need to add the variation code ‘fe0f`.

How to add vowel to arabic letter

How to add vowel to arabic letter from unicode/hexentity for example i have: U+FE8F ( ﺏ ) and want to add this vowel U+FE76 ( ﹶ ) -> ﺏﹶ U+FE8F ( ﺏ ) and want to add this vowel U+FE78 ( ﹸ ) -> ﺏﹸ I do it by js thanks in advance. Answer The Arabic script in Unicode has