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Tag: webrtc

How can I get iOS to have 2 video streams?

Right now if I use my iPhone or iPad and try to display two streams, one is black and the other works. What can I do to get both working? This works fine on all browsers with my laptop. Answer Safari on iOS does not support more than a single active camera at a time. is the most recent

WebRTC change microphone or webcam while in call

I am trying to figure out how to change the microphone or webcam while you are in a videochat with someone. I have been now trying for a few days and nothing works. I was following this example, but it seems it is much harder to achieve the change while someone is already connected. The […]

Get data URL from video stream?

I have a video (webm) capture script that works fine. It records video then offers it as a download. The pertinent part of the code is this: This works, as I say. However, the console says that passing media streams to URL.createObjectURL is deprecated, and I should use HTMLMediaElement srcObject instead. So I changed it to: …and although everything still

Bug reporter: Alternatives to getDisplayMedia?

I am trying to implement a bug reporter on my website. My goal is that the user will be able to describe the problem audibly and record the browser tab while walking through the problem. The bug report will then just be a video file, which can be emailed to me. It appears that the proposed navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia is exactly what