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Tag: web-applications

FileReader not defined in Apps Script

I am trying to use FileReader.readDataAsUrl() to send a blob object in a JSON file. But I keep getting the error Reference Error: “FileReader” is not defined. Is there a way that I need to implement it since I am using Apps Script? I see an issue someone had where they set their sandbox to IFRAME and it fixed it,

ToggleButton for Google HtmlService

What is the easiest way to get some kind of toggle switch for Google HtmlService? Google UiApp used to be able to create a simple ToggleButton like the following: var toggleButton = app.createToggleButton(‘ON’, ‘Off’).setId(‘MySwitch’); But UiApp has been deprecated. “Please use HtmlService instead” I’ve tried But found I cannot make them a two-stage item. Then I tried I