How to v-for checked value

I’m trying to create a checkbox select only one.

<input type="checkbox" value="…

VueJs – Conditional statement / filter on v-for results

So now i’m doing this to organise my results by category but if feel like this could be better: If found this article doing this with a computed property and i feel like this should be the way but can’t get it to work (also because i need a argument for it to work this way i think?): and then something like this: But yeah, it says i can’t pass a argument in that for loop like this so that is where i ended for now. Anyone got an idea how to do this? Stashes looks like this: Answer While

Vue.js assets file path when using v-for

I’ve just started using Vue.js, it’s simple enough accessing the assets folder when loading a static img such as my logo: however, I’m using v-for to create several list items using sample data, this is my template: and this is the sample data declared within the same .vue file: My problem is that the imgs all 404 which seems weird since the same path works on static imgs. If I use an absolute path such as this it works Having looked through the documentation I found this Which might explain it but I’ve tried each method suggested without any