In javascript, what’s the difference between an instance function and instance variable of type Function?

I know one of the difference is that instance variables of type Function automatically bind to the class. For example: class Dog { sound = ‘woof’ bark() { console.log(this) } boundBark …

Function take as an argument other function and few other arguments. Bind arguments to nested function and return recieved function

function bindFunction(fn, …array) { let args = Array.from(arguments); function F() { return args; } return F.bind(bindFunction); } nested function, which outer function …

Removing event listener which was added with bind

In JavaScript, what is the best way to remove a function added as an event listener using bind()? Example (function(){ // constructor MyClass = function() { this.myButton = document….

Bind Ready Function and Resize Event

In jQuery, is it possible to somehow “bind” an action to both the ready function and a resize event? I’m trying to add/remove classes on resize and I want the initial class state to be there on ready.

livequery doesn’t bind after a DOM insertion

I don’t understand why livequery doesn’t bind the event, but I have to use .click. This is just an example, which might also use the .click(), but in the real code I’m forced to use livequery. Does …