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Tag: unicode

How to iterate over over all Unicode characters?

Is it possible to iterate over all Unicode characters (UTF-8)? Thanks! I’ve tried using: But I’m not sure how to implement it. Answer According to the docs, the parameter passed to String.fromCharCode(a) is converted calling ToUint16 and then said character is returned. You may call it with any number you want but the values will be capped to between 0

How can I split a string containing emoji into an array?

I want to take a string of emoji and do something with the individual characters. In JavaScript “😴😄😃⛔🎠🚓🚇”.length == 13 because “⛔” length is 1, the rest are 2. So we can’t do Answer The Grapheme Splitter library by Orlin Georgiev is pretty amazing. Although it hasn’t been updated in a while and presently (Sep 2020) it only supports Unicode

Concrete JavaScript regular expression for accented characters (diacritics)

I’ve looked on Stack Overflow (replacing characters.. eh, how JavaScript doesn’t follow the Unicode standard concerning RegExp, etc.) and haven’t really found a concrete answer to the question “How can JavaScript match accented characters (those with diacritical marks)?” I’m forcing a field in a UI to match the format: last_name, first_name (last [comma space] first), and I want to provide

String length in bytes in JavaScript

In my JavaScript code I need to compose a message to server in this format: Example: The data may contain unicode characters. I need to send them as UTF-8. I’m looking for the most cross-browser way to calculate the length of the string in bytes in JavaScript. I’ve tried this to compose my payload: But it does not give me

Converting punycode with dash character to Unicode

I need to convert the punycode NIATO-OTABD to nñiñatoñ. I found a text converter in JavaScript the other day, but the punycode conversion doesn’t work if there’s a dash in the middle. Any suggestion to fix the “dash” issue? Answer I took the time to create the punycode below. It it based on the C code in RFC 3492. To