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Tag: typescript

Typescript: Define for JSON nested object

I have a nested json object and define a interface for it But when I use it. It appear a warning. What did I do wrong or missing? Answer You didn’t do anything wrong per se. TypeScript just cannot infer whether your menuPermissionForKey is a Menu object or a string array. Ideally, you’d define your Menu type more strictly. Barring

Angular ag-grid edit icon click get row data

grid setting the colDefs with multiple array of objects last being action where I’m displaying edit icon inside action button compoment action.compoment.html (ActionButtonComponent) rowData is an array of object I’m passing and which are displaying in grid How can I get particular row data object when I click on edit icon of that row Answer In ActionButtonComponent, you can use:

unable to change content of duplicated modal card

“` I’ve duplicated six modal cards that operate OK with javascript, but they are all identical and I can’t change different html content. I spent the entire day trying to solve this problem while feeling panicked. I have a deadline until Monday and other tasks to complete, so if I don’t succeed here, I won’t obtain my first internship. Please assist

Discord.js Modal ValidationError

I’m attempting to make a bot but when I try to show the user a modal, I get the following error: ValidationError: Expected the value to be a string or number I’m not sure why this happens, but here is the code which seems to be causing it: Answer Discord.js error messages leave a lot to be desired, but the