How can I avoid Array-callback-return error in my code

I want to filter through a list of items and display the items according to my filtered term. My list of items const [persons, setPersons] = useState([ { name: ‘Arton Senna’, tel: ‘9900000000’ …

Disallow implicit accessing of window properties

I’m looking for an ESLint rule that disallows usage like location and only allows window.location. I’ve combed through the rules, but didn’t find one, does anyone know?

Destructuring a function call

Assuming the following code: this.props.myFunction(); EsLint gives out the following error: Must use destructuring props assignment react/destructuring-assignment While the current code is clear …

With eslint-webpack-plugin@2.4.1, how do you use eslint’s cache?

After switching from eslint-loader, our initial watch builds have slowed down substantially due to the lack of caching. Is there a way to use eslint’s cache?

React functional component props sort alphabetically. (At the definition side)

I know an eslint rule, to sort the component props at the usage side. Like (rule) But is there a rule, what sorts the props from the definition side? Like: …

How to Extend Eslint to work with create-react-app

I’m working on a React application and I would like to have a linter set up so that I can see all the warning/errors in the console. The docs doesn’t say much:…

Why eslint throw that error, and how can I get rid of it?

I wrote a function to return sessionStorage data and eslint throw error correlated with the return statement in an arrow function Expected to return a value at the end of arrow function consistent-…

disable linting inside comments

I want eslint to stop linting inside comments // and /* */. when in comments I want to have freedom to write as I please. (disable 80 char limitation etc..) that’s pretty basic in my opinion and yet I can’t find it anywhere, is there a predefined rule to do that? Thanks Answer Sure, to disable line length checking inside comments just use the following rule in your .eslintrc.js: This way ESLint will complain about lines with more than 80 characters only if they’re not comments. Check the documentation for rule max-len for more info. Also notice that any ESLint

How to disable eslint(prettier/prettier) single quotes error

I have react-native code. I install ESLint. I use it but its show error. While I use single quotes it show me error Replace ‘react-native’ with “react-native” eslint(prettier/prettier) And when I …

How to avoid the ‘no-param-reassign’ rule with a input’s handleChange?

I’m working to build a React Textarea that auto grows/shrinks as the user types. I’ve built my component inspired by this codepen: While I have this working nicely, I’m getting an es-lint error I’m unsure how to correctly resolve. eslint is not liking that I’m using the event param in the handleChange function. What is the right way to resolve this? My REACT UIC: Answer You can either disable the rule as I mentioned in my comment like the following: /*eslint no-param-reassign: [“error”, { “props”: false }]*/ Or if you don’t prefer to ignore eslint, you can assign your