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Is eslint pre-commit hook in CRA bootstrapped application required?

My react application is bootstrapped using CRA(react-scripts v4.0.0) and I want to add a code formatter (prettier to be specific) that must format the code before committing the changes to my git repo. I know that eslint is a dependency of react-scripts and linting is done using ‘eslint-webpack-plugin'(default enabled) inside the webpack configuration. Snippet from CRA github | React Scripts

ESLint “no-implicit-globals” rule is being ignored

I’m working with some old Sencha Touch code, written in old-style JavaScript, that I’m trying to clean up. It’s too easy with this code to simply misspell a variable and not see the error, because nothing is being flagged as global or undefined. I’m trying to use ESLint to address this problem. ESLint is effectively finding other problems, like var

Getting warning in ‘eslint-plugin-react-settings’ while running eslint

Getting the: warning: React version specified in eslint-plugin-react-settings must be a valid semver version, or “detect”; got “latest”’ while running eslint. What is the reason behind this and how to resolve it? Screenshot of the issue Answer There will be an Object defined in your .eslintrc file as settings. And this error is saying that the version of react defined

React Hook is called in function that is neither a React function component nor a custom React Hook function

I have this following ESLint warning : React Hook “useBuilderFeatureFlagContext” is called in function “Slide.RenderBuilder” that is neither a React function component nor a custom React Hook function. and this is the following component : How do I write a rule that can whitelist this specific case ? Answer If you can, define the component first, then add it to

Eslint – No empty first and last lines for function bodies

Which rule is used for converting this code into ? Answer There’s a rule for blocks: padded-blocks. If enabled, an option is: “blocks” require or disallow padding within block statements, function bodies, and class static blocks There doesn’t look to be a configurable option for functions in particular. You’ll want the config option: or