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How to prevent dragging of an element inside a ?

I am building an editor that uses an SVG element as the canvas. It provides custom drag-and-drop behavior to drag elements inside the svg around. However, when I try to drag an <image> tag, the native browser drag behavior where you’re dragging a “ghost” of the image kicks in. How do I stop it? I tried setting user-select: none in

Can’t append simple svg to body element

I know this is a super easy question. But I am apparently missing something super obvious. I just want to create an svg element with D3 and see it on my page. My index.htmllooks like this: Whereas my selections.js looks like this: The first console.log() is still visible in the console. But I cant see the svg. I know I

Fill D3 arrow with colors

I managed to plot an arrow with D3 that changes direction and size dynamically. Now, I would like to fill the encapsulated area with a color. However, I plot the arrow outline with a succession of …