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Tag: sequelize.js

Sequelize table is not created, even though I used Sequelize.define()

Repository (code): I am creating a Discord bot with Discord.js. I wanted to add three DM commands for the bot: dm, reply, and followup. In order to reply to the last DM, I needed to use SQLITE. I made and required a database.js file to do that, using the discord.js guide for SQLite. But when I run the command

How to find user first name letter

How can I find user with first letter in their name like for example my name is “Nathan” and when I type “n” in search input it will show user start with an “n” but not user that not start with letter “n” but contain letter “n” like Henry, Connor.. here is my searchController.js: and here is my model user.js:

returning extra column with formatted date

I have a schema(table) like following in seqluelize: My requirement is whenever I call or use or include this schema order_entry_header in any place in my app I want date column in to format in a readable text in a different column called date_format In simple sql this should be something like below: I am joining/fetching this table data in