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Update a field of an associate table using the magic method of Sequelize/Node js

I have i table called Orders and another table called Cupons, this tables has a association many to one, Ordes has many cupons, and cupons belongs to order, i need to update the status of my cupom when i associate the cupons to a order, i tried this way but doesn’t work

await item.addCupons(, { // the item is the order created 
            through: {
                afiliado_id: afiliadoId, // and update the afiliado id 
                status: 'validado' // update de status of cupon to 'validado'



You can only create a parent and child records using one method but not to update both. You need to explicitly call update for Order item:

await Cupon.update({
  afiliado_id: afiliadoId,
  status: 'validado'
}, {
 where: {
await item.addCupons(

through option is applicable for many-to-many relationships only.

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