How to add 5 random numbers which are less than 10?

I’ve created two functions. One to create 5 random numbers to push them into an array. And another one to sum up the numbers. The random number generator is working and making an array perfectly. But …

How to update the quantity in my array in the local storage

I’m creating a shopping cart where in if I add to cart, the quantity should be added to the previous quantity. In my case it only sets to a quantity and is not adding. Here is the code that I tried: Answer Just needed a slight modification to the addition logic. You need to check if it already exists in the itemsInCart array before pushing it.

javascript date String array push issue! Not the desired value

I’d like to get a date between the start and end dates The first value, is the desired value. be worth! BUT arrTemp[j] value, Not the desired value. Do you know why? Answer Use moment, never try and roll your own date functions.