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Form does not have data in FormData javascript

I’m trying to submit a form without redirecting using AJAX. From the answers I saw the [best](new URLSearchParams(new FormData(form).entries()); ) I found (I think) without using jQuery was: I’m trying to apply this mechanism in my code, but for some reason my form does not have information. I guess I’m calling the function before it gets recorded? But I’m not

Repeatedly await asynchronous post requests

I want to repeatedly do a POST request, as follows: But this won’t work, because I’m somehow not using asynchronous programming correctly. Somehow even after spending hours on async js I don’t know if I still get it. EDIT: this code is on the client-side. Answer To sequentially execute the request, you need to return the promise (return value of

Sending POST request with Fetch after closing the browser with ‘beforeunload’ / ‘unload’ eventlistener is not working

for the life of me I can’t figure out what is happening. I’ve been spending all day searching for the answer but can’t find it anywhere. I’m practicing with writing a function that emails an abandoned form to me. This is the index.js file I run for the local host that hosts the form The function that the request is

Google App Script Web App GET and POST request blocked by CORS policy

I created a Google Web script app that adds a user’s name and email to a spreadsheet. This works fine when accessing the web page from directly in the browser, but both GET and POST requests from a website returns the error “Access to fetch at ‘’ from origin ” has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is

How to post query parameters with Axios?

I am trying to post on an API with some query params. This is working on PostMan / Insomnia when I am trying to by passing mail and firstname as query parameters : However, when I am trying to do it with my react native app, I got a 400 error (Invalid Query Parameters). This is the post method :