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Tag: javascript

Linked Dynamic Radio Buttons HTML Javascript

All, Have used this site a few times before and had some great replies so hopefully someone can help again. I want a set of radio buttons, so that when you click a button – you get another set below it. Then again, when you click one of the 2nd set of buttons, you’ll get a third etc. Currently I

Ajax and Jquery in Symfony

I’m a beginner in Symfony (version 2), I have a project achieved with plain basic PHP, and now I’m redoing my pages in dealing with Symfony framework, and arrived to my jquery ajax functions, surely, …

Trying to unbind events on iPad2 with javascript

Bit of background, we are creating an html5 ‘app’ for the iPad, which has everything contained in a single page, and all the content is dynamic. I have a dynamically generated anchor, which then has a click event bound to it as so: This all works fine, however the problem is that once we navigate away from that page/section, and