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Javascript failing to load properly when in

Code is not working and I can’t seem to figure out why. I have to keep the javascript in the html head because it is required and I believe that’s where im going wrong and it’s not loading properly.The window onload is something new for me and i’m not sure if that would be the correct way to use it

Change input type based on selection from menu

I am trying to make dynamic adding for input elements using JQuery, so far I’ve done this in the code below, my problem is that when trying the checkbox and date it does not work, but for radio there is no problem. I’m a beginner in JS and JQuery so every search result did not help me with this matter,

how to place sliced images into a javascript table

I have to place images into a table, only using java script. I have this so far., and i am unsure of how to get the images to actually display as actual images for the javascript table. My teacher told us to use document.write, any help will be appreciated. Answer You need to use something like below for image:

moving inline javascript to separate file

I was trying to copy and learn from this turorial: but I wanted to move the inline javascript to a separate .js file in Visual Studio Code. This made the code run incorrectly and I cannot for my live figure out why. I’ve tried to structure it differently but I’m to unfamiliar with javascript to figure out whats wrong.

How to add settings on a post request using JavaScript

I am currently codding a website which will create a document. I fond some answers to the question “How to send a post request” but I can’t figure out a way to use the API settings in the API. The API documentation : My code so far: If it’s possible I would like to stay with JavaScript so