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Tag: html

Detect collision (video game js)

I am building a video game where fireballs drop from the top screen. The spaceship, moved by controllers, must avoid those fireballs in order win. My issue is that I do not know how to detect when the spaceship collides into fireballs. However, I found this link: Detect if animated object touched another object in DOM. I analysed this code

Issues dynamically creating buttons with jQuery

I’m attempting to dynamically add operator buttons to my calculator however I’m just not having any luck. I’ve created functions to dynamically create the number and operator buttons. The numbers have been created successfully but once I try to add in the operators, nothing happens. I’m attempting to add the operators in between my parentheses buttons and the evaluate button

Adding space after every 3rd number in input

I want to add space after every 3rd number, but this code doesn’t work if the input is type=”number”. Does someone know how to modify the code to make it work even for type=”number” ? Here is my input: And also here is the script: Answer Try this: Use in your event: <input type=”number”… makes it so you can go

Why the onclick only works if you click twice?

I was searching for autocomplete examples in pure javascript, and I found a pretty good example on JSFiddle, but it has a Bug that I’m trying to figure it out how to fix. The autocomplete only autocompletes the text if you click at the paragraph twice Code: Answer On change event is trigger before the click event can complete Removing

HTML Dropdown Box with Search and Input

I’ve tried to search for what I’m after, and this is the closest I can get: Make a Dropdown with Search Box using jQuery (by Yogesh Singh) It can provide a HTML Dropdown with Search capability. However, what I hope to have is to have input capability as well. I.e., if nothing found, then use the user input as

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token in Html button

I create a button dynamically through javascript. When I click on it I get the mentioned error. The button is created like this: When debugging it, I’ve tried to figure out what goes wrong when I create it. It seems to be in the part where I make the onclick event. Nothing seems odd when I set the id. This