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Accordion Experiencing jQuery Issue

I am currently working on a HTML dropdown with Accordion & jQuery. For example in the snippet below, I have AU Controls with different levels. I want to organize parent rows with the level rank, and then the appropriate controls under each Level Parent row. UPDATE: I have figured out the nesting issue and was able to fix that. Now

how to Remove last selected value

I am trying to add values with the help of jquery But last value + in code again and again The last value should be cleared when select new value from dropdown Answer I think you mean this newContent += $(“#addedchild1”). is not doing what you think it is There is no content declared You do not need to remove

Adding thematic break after iterating through an object

I’m using $.each to iterate through an object and I’m struggling to add a thematic break after every 7th property:value. I’m using the above code and I’m able to display each property:value on a new line on the browser, but just can’t figure out how to add the thematic break. Is it even possible? Any suggestions would be most welcomed.

Change div content in HTML5 Custom Data Attributes

I declare a following div in file1.html to draw a nice gauge. The div uses some HTML5 Custom Data Attributes as follow: Now in Javascript, how do I recall the div and set new number for the “value” attribute and “threshold” attribute? Thanks Answer You can use following functions to fulfill your task: element.getAttribute to get the values inside the