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How to enable multi-tab synchronization for Firebase Web Version 9 (modular)?

I am using Firebase JavaScript Modular Web Version 9 SDK. And I have enabled offline persistence as per these docs using this: enableIndexedDbPersistence(db). Now I want to keep data synced between multiple open browser tabs. I thought I could do that in the PersistenceSettings object like this: enableIndexedDbPersistence(db, { synchronizeTabs: true }). But it turns out that synchronizeTabs property does

firebase query at same values

I have a query: Which returns all the users with all their highscores in descending order. The problem is that there are users who got the same high scores, and now they are ordered I think randomly. So for example, if 3 users get 3000 score it just randomly orders those 3. How can I for example look at another