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Tag: state

React – setting value for all array of objects

I’m creating a simple tracker that has a state checking if the button is either false (not checked) or true (checked). The structure of my data is something like this: I tried creating a function that resets all of the check values back to false. The user can delete a character or add more so I need to reset all

Getting data from react state function component

I have 2 function component , one have input and button and its passing data to states. Now i want to get state data from first function conlmponent to second component and display text to my div in second component. Is it possible to share states data from 1st component to 2nd component? The component are functions not classes trying

React useState, setState and {state} in return

I come across the rendering issue with React State. The problem is that {state} in return get value one beat late. But the console log in handleChange shows right value. If the previous value of state is 9, current value of state value is 10 then the console.log({state}) in handleChange shows 10 and the <span>{state}<span> in return shows 9. It

Issue with Dependency cycle via in Vue.js

I’m having an issue with a linting error in a vue.js project. The error that I get looks like this: I have no idea how to get rid of this error. I tried renaming files, using this.$router and this.$store with no luck. Here is some of my code: router -> index.js: The data path is the main one I want