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Tag: django-rest-framework

not getting fetch data from OneToOneFiled in Django Rest Framework In Hiring Model class Driver field is OneToOneField, how to fetch data from that, i did not find any proper solution how to work with OneToOneField relation, please help me out this is render data at frontend list_edit_drivers.html- html file while ajax calling output error- while added some hiring.status column in fornt end error Answer Changes

Sorting and paginating object at the same time in django; after paginating the sort gets reset

If I have applied the sorting to my wallpapers and after that if I try to paginate the sorting gets reset. like if I have sorted wallpapers according to pub date in ascending order and after pagination, it gets back to normal. view Pagination code Answer The reason this happens is because you “drop” the URL parameters regarding sorting and

Django | JS variable inside dynamic URL

I’m trying to pass a javascript variable inside a dynamic url using Django. I have the following path I’m able to retrieve the “Task” fields I created (id, title, description, …) depending on what task I select inside the HTML (this is done using AJAX and the Django-REST Framework). However, I’m having some trouble on rendering javascript values inside dynamic