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Tag: design-patterns

toggling variable inside Module Pattern using function declaration vs function expression

I have a module pattern with a variable setting the currentPlayer to 1. I use a function expression to toggle that variable If I run game.currentPlayer it logs 1, I then run game.toggleCurrentPlayer(), and it doesn’t change currentPlayer as intended, it still returns 1. However, changing the toggleCurrentPlayer() function using this, seems to be able […]

Rxjs nested subscribe with multiple inner subscriptions

Original promise based code I’m trying to rewrite: I’m trying to figure a way how to avoid the nested subscriptions anti-pattern in the following scenario: What would be the correct ‘RxJS way’ to do this? AdvertisementAnswer That seems pretty strange to me. You’re creating new subscription for each child every time parentResult arrives. Even though […]

how does reactor pattern work in Node.js?

I am reading Node.js Design Patterns. I am stuck in the understanding of the reactor pattern. I do not see any call stack here. I thought the call stack was one of the main parts of Node.js design. Can anyone please help me understand this diagram? Also, there is no callback queue. Answer Everything starts with the application, application makes