Is it possible to calculate a Bing Maps Route in C#, and then pass it to a Map in Javascript using MvC?

I am developing a Web Based Navigation app using Bing Maps and ASP MvC, and I found as well as being able to create a route in the view using JavaScript, it is possible to create a route in the C# …

How to add titles on leaflet’s layer control selection using react?

I am using Leaflet JS with Bing map. I need to add titles on top of Type 1 Layer and Category 1 overlays selection, displayed on right top of Map. I could not see any documentation for the same. Can someone help me. My layers are, Base Layers: Default and English Overlays: Type 1 Layer, Type 2 Layer, Category 1, Category 2 image Need to add titles Select Type and Select Category in layer selection window in map as below, Select Type Type1Layer Type2Layer Select Category Category1 Category2 Answer Use leaflet-groupedlayercontrol plugin to achieve the desired result. When the component