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Tag: angular7

How to change an mxCell value programmatically?

I have a graph with a “logical” representation in a json (that I use for another program) and the graphical representation is in an MxGraph, rendered in the Angular component. I am using XMLs as values of the cells, as suggested in this Documentation. While for me it is very easy to intercept changes in the mxgraph and update the

@Input and @Output are always undefined in Angular-Cli

Whatever values are inside the individuals are printed without issues but whatever is obtained using @Input or @Output is not displayed. child.component.ts parent.component.html Is there anything goes wrong in syntax? The Log always show ‘undefined’ in all cases. Thanks Answer I think this is trying to pull in a variable defined within your component. Try the following syntax, wrap the

Angular 7 shared service is not shared

I am new to angular and I am trying to pass data from one component(HomeComponent) to another component(ProfileComponent) after navigation. I created a shared service(DataService). I injected the service in both the HomeComponent and ProfileComponent but when I set the value of the message property in HomeComponent and try to retrieve it in the ProfileComponent the value is undefined because