How to change an mxCell value programmatically?

I have a graph with a “logical” representation in a json (that I use for another program) and the graphical representation is in an MxGraph, rendered in the Angular component. I am using XMLs as …

Action doesn’t trigger effect the THIRD time when it runs

Effects runs perfectly on first two dispatch of action but doesn’t trigger on the third time.The solution in Why action doesn’t trigger Effect the second time it runs and @ngrx Effect does not run the second time doesn’t work for me. Here’s the effect: Answer I also had a similar problem. The issue was with my reducer. In my reducer some error occurred which wasn’t handled, as a result, the effect stopped working. Could you check if that’s the issue in your case too, if no other solutions worked?

@Input and @Output are always undefined in Angular-Cli

Whatever values are inside the individuals are printed without issues but whatever is obtained using @Input or @Output is not displayed. child.component.ts parent.component.html Is there anything goes wrong in syntax? The Log always show ‘undefined’ in all cases. Thanks Answer I think this is trying to pull in a variable defined within your component. Try the following syntax, wrap the string again, this should ensure you are passing a string and not a variable from the component, the input will then know to expect a string. This is wrapping the string in ” and ‘.

How to set value to parent component property when a button is clicked in Child component in Angular

I am new to Angular 7 (2+) & trying my hands on @Input & @Output. However, passing data from Parent to Child component via @Input is understood & in place. However, very basic on the other hand passing data from Child to Parent component via using @Output concept is understood & but the implementation is not getting right. Here is what I am trying. When a button is clicked in the Child component, a property in the parent component should be converted to Upper case & displayed. ChildComponent.ts ChildComponent.html ParentComponent.ts ParentComponent.html No error in console or binding From the above

Angular 7 shared service is not shared

I am new to angular and I am trying to pass data from one component(HomeComponent) to another component(ProfileComponent) after navigation. I created a shared service(DataService). I injected the …