Action doesn’t trigger effect the THIRD time when it runs

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Effects runs perfectly on first two dispatch of action but doesn’t trigger on the third time.The solution in Why action doesn’t trigger Effect the second time it runs and @ngrx Effect does not run the second time doesn’t work for me. Here’s the effect:

    getRoomsByRoomsList: Observable<IAction>  = this.actions$.pipe(
        withLatestFrom(, (action, state) => ({state: state, action: action})),
        exhaustMap((pAction: IStateAction) => 
                switchMap((entity: any) => [
                catchError(() => of()),


I also had a similar problem. The issue was with my reducer. In my reducer some error occurred which wasn’t handled, as a result, the effect stopped working.

Could you check if that’s the issue in your case too, if no other solutions worked?

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