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What is the Maximum image dimensions supported in desktop Chrome?

This can be very broad, but let me just narrow it down. Assume that

  • Browser: Chrome Latest (Desktop)
  • Hardware: Windows Standard PC with
    default Intel Graphics card
  • Ram: 8GB
  • Processor: i7 @ 3.40 GHz

What is the maximum Width x Height I can support ?

If I try to put a 27150 x 20950 image into an <img> tag Chrome crashes.

So I want to know what the maximum width, height of an Image I can support.

Note: I have gone thru this post but its 8 years old

Edit 1: I am able to load a 160 Mb 4000 x 4000 px file so file size isnt a problem the 27150 x 20950 image is just 7 Mb.
Compression isn’t an option for me.



According to one site I came across, maximum image size in Chrome 4 to 26 and Opera 8 was 8192×8192. Granted that’s rather outdated as I’m currently running Chrome 75.

IE 5.5 to 10, FF 19, Opera 9-12 supported (Chrome wasn’t specified) will support 16384×16384, which I was able to view a PNG of that size. I attempted 32768×32768 and larger, but it wouldn’t display. Browser didn’t crash, but all I got was a little white box outline in the center of the page.

I can attempt the larger images from home later to see what happens, as I have substantially more ram on my desktop (if that’s a consideration).