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Vuetify table not showing data

I am new to the vuetify and having a headache with displaying table. I searched others and tried them on mine but its not showing…

shows data on dev tool

I can see my data with dev tool but it wont show on the table ;~;

Here are my codes

Vuetify Table Code


      <template v-slot:item="props">
        <td class="text-xs-right">{{ props.item.articleno }}</td>
        <td class="text-xs-right">{{ }}</td>
    <v-col><v-col md="8" /></v-col>
        <v-col md="6" />
        <v-btn @click="goodbye"> 게시글 삭제</v-btn>

script part

import { listArticle } from "@/api/board";
export default {
  name: "MemberList",
  methods: {
    goodbye() {
  data() {
    return {
      search: "",
      headers: [
          text: "article number",
          align: "start",
          sortable: true,
          value: "articleno",
        { text: "Subject", value: "subject" },
      boards: [],
  created() {
      (response) => {
        this.boards =;
      (error) => {


function listArticle(param, success, fail) {
  api.get(`/board`, { params: param }).then(success).catch(fail);

I tried props.item.articleno,, item.articleno , and none of them are working… and my vue version is 2.6.11 What am I doing wrong 😭😭😭😭



I may be wrong but it looks like you are only passing two items when calling listArticle method.

How it’s defined: listArticle(param, success, fail)

How it’s called: listArticle((response) => {}, (error) => {});

How it should be called: listArticle(param, (response) => {}, (error) => {});

Does the items in the have a data prop as used in I’m guessing data does not exist so key articleno can’t be found and there is a browser error accessing nested values causing the slots to not be displayed.

Other suggestions (may not fix):

  • Wrap the two <td>s inside <tr> (unless it’s already part of item slot template, check in DOM if you get any rows to show up)
  • Deconstruct v-slot props so you don’t have to reference it as props.item
<template v-slot:item="{ item }">
    <td class="text-xs-right">{{ item.articleno }}</td> // this should work
    <td class="text-xs-right">{{ }}</td> // i don't think this will