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Tag: odata

UI5 Odata read call with filter and urlParameters simultaneously

Hi I am trying to call Odata read with filter and parameters. But not able to get the data back. Any inputs would be appreciated Answer try removing the square brackets around oFilter in your code: filters: [oFilter], should be replaced by filters: oFilter, the filters attribute expects an Array of sap.ui.model.Filter. Your oFilter variable is already an array of

How to build an odata service in node by json service

We have a requirement of reading the service and convert it into odata. Our target system only understands odata and the source cannot deliver odata. So we are trying to build node service to facilitate the same. I tried to use CAP ( but it seems it can only work with persisted data. It would be really helpful if you

Bind Association XSOData in UI5?

Let’s say I have Employee entity associated with Address entity in XSOData and I want to bind them to a single control – StandardListItem. How to achieve this? Associated address details available at Employee(’emp1′)/Address/ TIA. Answer If I understand correctly, the Address element is an entity. You cannot bind a property to a whole entity. I would assume that it