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How update and delete bulk operation in mongodb?

I’m building a taskmanagment application, where only admin can delete user. when admin delete a user, I want to assign deleted users task to the his assignby user. when I delete devid user from the db I want to assign his task to the john and save the task Answer I think you are looking for transactions to avoid loss

could not render component in react

When I use history.push () method, from signup to log in, goes to a particular API/URLenter code here but does not render the login component. Answer Do not create new history. You can use useHistory that exported from react-router-dom instead and get the current history. It would be something like this:

Error: is not a function

I am currently making a shelter web app using mern stack and i am struggling to display an image from my object. i already used the map but i think it is only for array objects. so i am clueless how to get the images.url on my animal object. this is my animalSchema AnimalReducer and this is what i use

How to make this code compatible for react-router v6

In ProtectedRoute.js I have coded: and in App.js I have written as: Error says: [ProtectedRoute] is not a Route component. All component children of Routes must be a Route or <React.Fragment>. Is there something missing! Thank you Answer In react-router-dom custom route components are no longer used. Routes components can have only Route and React.Fragment components as children, and Route

Axios Undefined Response

I am Developing MERN Stack Project. The problem is when I make the first API Call the first response is undefined and the map function gives an error ‘Map is not a function and it makes sense. the problem is i tried several approaches to prevent this from happening but it won’t work This is the Code of the Component