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Mapbox GL what does ?fresh=true do when loading a tileset?

Mapbox GL what does ?fresh=true do when loading a tileset? We are having trouble loading the map in a react page. Removing ?fresh=true sometimes breaks the page and other times fixes it. I’m wondering what it does because I can’t find anything on it online Answer From Requests that use this param bypass Mapbox’s caching, and request times can

mapbox change source property

I want to make a cluster layer with mapbox, yes I made it :D. But I want to be able to turn it off So I’m making a source Now I’m able to set the data: After this I am setting the layers for the clusters and circles. Now clustering is working But now: How can I set the cluster:

MapBox GL JS marker offset

I’m using MapBox GL JS to create a map with a custom marker: However, I seem to have some kind of offset problem with the marker. The thing is: when zoomed out a bit, the bottom of the marker is not really pointing to the exact location: When I’m zooming in a bit further it […]