How to unit test a mapbox popup with jasmine testing?

I have a mapbox popup. I am using jasmine and I want to write a unit test for it. So I have this function: selectCluster(event: MouseEvent, feature: any) { event.stopPropagation(); this….

Error: The type property must be definedn in mapbox-gl-js

I have problem in adding source to map. import * as data from “./temp-data”; map.addSource(‘source__demo__empty’,data.getEmptySource); map.addLayer(data.getLayer(false,’…

MapBox GL JS marker offset

I’m using MapBox GL JS to create a map with a custom marker: However, I seem to have some kind of offset problem with the marker. The thing is: when zoomed out a bit, the bottom of the marker is not really pointing to the exact location: When I’m zooming in a bit further it reaches its destination and it’s pointing to the exact spot. I really love MapBox GL, but this particular problem is bugging me and I’d love to know how to solve it. When this is fixed my implementation is far more superior to the original mapping