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Tag: jwt

How to retrieve Token for API calls in cypress

Due to a lack of knowledge in JS, I do face with below problem. I do automation testing with cypress and for external API endpoints, I need to use Dynamic Token that expires every 3600 secs. I did some short research and find out that, for reaching to JWT Token I will need 1st SSO login (that my app has).

How to verify a JWT signature using Node-jose

I am trying to use node-jose to verify signatures of my JWTs. I know the secret, but am having trouble converting this secret into a JWK used for the verification. Here is an example of how I am trying to create my key with my secret and verify my token. This results in Error: no key found. Do I need

Convert AWS KMS ECDSA_SHA_256 Signature from DER encoded ANS.1 format to JWT base64url encoded R || S format in NodeJS/Javascript

I am trying to create JWT Signature in NodeJS with ES256 algorithm using AWS KMS Customer Managed Keys. The signature created using AWS KMS with cryptographic Signing Algorithms ECDSA_SHA_256 is not JWT accepted R || S format. As per AWS doc, Signature will be in DER encoded ANS X9.62–2005 format ( I tried to convert the AWS KMS Sign to

Creating Compressed JWT Payload in JavaScript

I have a function which parses a compressed JWT Payload into JSON. It makes sense to me the way the function works. I want to create a function that can do the exact opposite: Take a JSON object and turn it into a COMPRESSED JWT Payload. The function that parses and decompresses: …outputs the JSON. …inputs the JSON. My attempt