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Unit testing a method that creates a JWT and returns Error: secretOrPrivateKey must have a value

I am trying to write a unit test for the method I wrote which generates a JWT. I am doing the following

describe('returns a token', function() {
        it('should return a token', function() {
            let req = {};
            const a = authenticatorClass.returnToken(req);

Note: I am not using expect yet, and seeing if the method works in first place by logging the result of the method to the console

And I receive the following error: Error: secretOrPrivateKey must have a value

This is the method that I am trying to test:

returnToken(expressRequestObject) {
        const payload = {};

        return jwt.sign(
            { expiresIn: '30d' },

What am I doing wrong here? TIA


Might be your SECRET is not having any value, can you log it?