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Tag: intellisense

IntelliSense/JSDoc @param = @return, a.k.a. how do I document wrapper functions?

I have a function which takes in another function as an argument, does something to that function-argument, and then returns that same function-argument (or at least returns a function with the exact same signature to it) However, as you can see from my comments in the following… … IntelliSense will autocomplete when calling arbitraryFn() but not wrappedArbitraryFn(). Is there any

How to intellisense alias module path in VSCode

I would like VSCode to IntelliSense the module path so I can access it by click. For example, after configurating jsconfig.json I’m able to access ./src/styled/index by importing its global path. But I couldn’t figure out how to make it work with an alias @styles My current jsconfig.json: Answer Seems I had to restart VSCode. Javascript (javascript,javascriptreact file types in

React intellisense in Visual Studio Code

I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but I simply can’t get React.js IntelliSense to work in Visual Studio code. I have done the following: npm install typings ext install Typings Installer in Visual Studio Code ext install Typings in Visual Studio Code typings init in the root directory of my “app” typings install –ambient react-global in the root of my

Sublime Text, On Object Dot Show Intellisense

I just installed TernJS and I can get intellisense by entering ctrl+space. However, I want to get intellisense, autocomplete, options when I enter a dot after an object in JavaScript. I tried the following without luck “auto_complete_selector”: “source, text”, I tried the suggestions in Sublime Text 2 auto completion popup does not work properly without luck Any suggestions? Answer Go