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Tag: html5-audio

Custom Audio Player in react JS – Volume Control

I am building an custom audio player in React JS, I am current stuck with the volume controls in the audio player Here is my code Progress bar works fine, What should be logic behind the volume control AduioPlayer.js changeRange function : changePlayerCurrentTime function : Answer Audio HTML Elements have a volume property you can access. You will need to

create simple player with HTMLAudioElement in reactjs

I am create web application a simple player. I want to get the current time of the music that is playing. this is log in useEffect and is great. problem when set in state .Music playback stops. Answer it will work with a local Audio element: EDIT: to answer to OP why it doesn’t work in the initial variant

How can I add predefined length to audio recorded from MediaRecorder in Chrome?

I am in the process of replacing RecordRTC with the built in MediaRecorder for recording audio in Chrome. The recorded audio is then played in the program with audio api. I am having trouble getting the audio.duration property to work. It says If the video (audio) is streamed and has no predefined length, “Inf” (Infinity) is returned. With RecordRTC, I