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unable to change content of duplicated modal card

“` I’ve duplicated six modal cards that operate OK with javascript, but they are all identical and I can’t change different html content. I spent the entire day trying to solve this problem while feeling panicked. I have a deadline until Monday and other tasks to complete, so if I don’t succeed here, I won’t obtain my first internship. Please assist

Return line segment instead of SVG icon

I have created a SVG icon. But when I click on it. It has chances that the return object is the line segement of the SVG reather than the svg element. Here is the UI: Here is the evidence: The clicked target is a POLYGON in the svg… How can this happen? Answer If you are trying to access the

Chrome Extension: Confirm window is not appearing on currently using tab? it just appear on one tab (popup.html)

I am developing chrome extension for e-gym that generates confirm window for using chrome browser after every one hour. I have developed chrome extension but the confirm window is only appearing on popup.html. I want to turn on my extension let it generate window.confirm on any tab that I am using currently after 1 hour. here’s my code: manifest.json: **popup.html:

(JS/CANVAS/HTML) – isPoinToPath inaccurate?

Below here, the provided snippet for testing purpose. The yellow(y) represent the canvas area, return “n” on click The red(r) represent the click area, return “y” on click The trouble(x) represent the error, return “y” when clicked How to make it right? Answer You have a mismatch between the CSS setting of height of canvas (100px) and the canvas’s attribute

Sum of two random numbers with Javascript

I’m trying to create a program with Javascript that prints two random numbers and calculates their sum. It should be really easy, but for some reason I can’t get the program to work. I’ve got the program to print random numbers, but I can’t get it to add the numbers together. What am I doing wrong? Answer Your code is

How to close browser after form has been submitted?

I am trying to submit a form and then the browser has to close. But I cannot understand why it will not work. For some reason, it will close the window, but it does not submit the form. Tried to submit the form with jQuery and then close the window Answer I see you are using jQuery, you can use