Set option-html disabled if j = 0

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Is it possible to set select option disabled, if the value is j = 0 ? The j value is taken from a DB.

<ng-container *ngFor="let interventi of variabileIntervento; index as i">
           <tr *ngFor="let variante of interventi.varianti; index as j">
             <td><select [(ngModel)]="type" (change)="changeTotal()">
               <option selected disabled>Select</option>  
               <option value="0">{{interventi.supIntonacate[j]}}</option>
               <option value="1">{{interventi.supEvIi[j]}}</option>
               <option value="2">{{interventi.supIvEi[j]}}</option></select></td>


Try this:

<option selected [disabled]="j === 0 ? true : false">Select</option>

or this, if not work:

<option selected [attr.disabled]="j === 0 ? 'disabled' : null">Select<option>


Source: stackoverflow