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I can’t edit a message from discord.js bot

I want to make a countdown timer that uses a command /timer minutes seconds where the user chooses how long the countdown will be. I want the bot to send the timer as a reply to the command which I’ve successfully done. However, I also want the message to update along with the timer.

I can console.log the timer and it works but I can’t figure out how to make the bot edit its own message. I have tried to just simply edit the bots’ message without the timer but with no success.


const { SlashCommandBuilder,} = require("@discordjs/builders")
const { MessageEmbed, Channel, Message, MessageReaction, Client } = require('discord.js');
const { Countdown } = require('countdown');

module.exports = {
    data: new SlashCommandBuilder()
        .setDescription("Starta en timer")
        .addNumberOption((option) => option.setName('minutes').setDescription('Set amount of minutes').setRequired(true))
        .addNumberOption((option) => option.setName('seconds').setDescription('Set amount of seconds').setRequired(true)),
    execute: async ({ client, interaction}) => {
            let minutes = interaction.options.getNumber("minutes")
            let seconds = interaction.options.getNumber("seconds")

            let minutesToSeconds = minutes * 60;
            let time = minutesToSeconds + seconds;
            let duration = time;

            let getTime = "Timer: " + duration

            let interval = setInterval((timerMessage) => {
                if(duration == 0) {
                    getTime ="Timer is done"
                getTime.edit("Timer: " + duration)
            }, 1000)
            await interaction.reply(



What you are looking for is interaction.editReply() to update the interaction message after an x amount of time using your timer. This is an example of how you can use it:

bot.on("interactionCreate", async interaction => {
    let seconds = 10;

    let timerMessage = "Timer is started.";
    let interval = setInterval(() => {

        timerMessage = `Timer: ${seconds} seconds left.`;

        if(seconds === 0) {
            interval = null;
            interaction.editReply(`Timer has finished!`);
        } else {
    }, 1000);

    await interaction.reply({
        content: timerMessage

This also works if ephemeral is set to true. Note that this is a raw example, and you should adjust the code by your needs.

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