Display yellow warning message in console

I want to show a warning message in the Chrome console, like the highlighted item in this screenshot: console.log(message) displays a normal white message. console.error(message) creates an error …

Console.log from a class’ function

I want to test if my function inside my class returns the given sentence. But if I try to test using console.log, it returns ReferenceError: rev is not defined. What am I doing wrong? class store { …

Clicking on a button or at the current position of mouse using JavaScript to keep Google Colab notebook alive

I am trying to keep the Google Colab notebook alive for few hours even if I go out for some time. People who have no idea should only know that if you don’t manually intervene then the processes stop and all of your work is lost. I want my mouse to keep clicking at the current position 12 hours at an interval of 15 minutes. This would be the best case for me. Also IF I can add a bit of scroll up and down both without affecting the position of my mouse would be nice. Obviously, I did nit

Console.log custom fonts in google chrome

I’ve been making game which is played in the browsers console, and I’m interested of the possibility of using custom fonts. I’m working with chrome and don’t really care about compatibility with other browsers. I know that console.log() can be styled with CSS, but I haven’t had any success with trying to get it to work with custom fonts. My css looks like this: and my Js looks like this: I’ve allso tried using ”: Both are in the same html file in their respective tags (no external css or js files) css on the top and js on the